There are so many reasons we enjoy the Christmas season. Time with family an friends, good food, gift-giving, and snow (at least for us here in Washington). But the most important reason we enjoy this season is because we are reminded of Jesus’ ultimate gift- eternal life. 

Our lives would be most miserable if it were not for Christ. I look back at 2007 and it is amazing the challenges that we have faced. I am not here to seek for pity but rather point people to the Reason we persevere and that Reason is Christ! He has been, and continues to be, so good to us. When we are weak, He is strong; when we are afraid, He is our Security; when we are in need, He is our Provider! Jesus truly is all we need.

Now, Christmas at the Zarate household always begins on Christmas eve. After attending a Christmas eve service at my parents’ church (East Hill Baptist Church),  we came home and made preparations for our Christmas eve dinner. There is nothing like eating a meal at midnight! The meal- spaghetti! Therefore, I did not hesitate to make my way into the kitchen to make my own sauce. My parents like their sauce spicy and we like ours sweet. So I made two kinds of sauces, with my parents’ sauce given a “Darrell May” flavor! You didn’t know that spaghetti sauce could have chili powder in it, did you?

Who is the Master Chef and who is the student?

After dinner, we moved ourselves into the living room to open presents. Once again, we all got carried away with buying presents and the process took hours. But hey, no one’s complaining! You’ll have to ask Amy what she got from Mom and Dad this year.

Imagine how much more this would be if grandkids were involved.

Amy with more presents.

After taking a nap (we didn’t get to bed until 4 a.m.) we prepared for the “official” Christmas day dinner. We had some guests over and had traditional Filipino food. Yummy! I’m not going to lie to you, all I have done whenever we were at home was eat and sleep. My pants are constantly telling me that a diet is just around the corner.

What’s on everyone’s mind? Take the picture so we can eat!

Amy was praying for a White Christmas. And she got it! Snow was falling while we were sitting down for the “official” Christmas dinner. So as everyone finished eating, the kids (which included Karen, Amy, and I) went out and played in the snow. Let’s just say I landed snowballs where they needed to land. We’ll leave you with some pictures below of the Christmas day snowball fight… 

Mean girls putting snow down my back.

The beginning of the White Christmas.

Look at who got hit with a snowball!

Abi, Amy, Andrea, & Mika

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