Regardless of who you are, every time you go on vacation you realize that there are two kinds of vacations- both of which are important. The first vacation is when you go somewhere for the sole purpose of relaxing. No one knows where you are, your cell phone is checked on a semi-frequent basis, your focus is to simply do things whenever you want to do it. Then there’s the other kind of vacation, a vacation with family. When you’re with family, you seldom sleep because you desire to spend every waking moment with them. Moreover, family look at you (the vacationer) as a reason to do things they would otherwise not do. 

This year’s Christmas vacation is a family Christmas vacation. Amy and I made our way to the evergreen state of Washington. My family lives in Snoqualmie and if you have been watching the weather channel lately, you have seen the snowfall on Snoqualmie Pass and we are looking forward to playing in it. But our Christmas vacation began with a visit to Seattle.

Abi and Amy at Seattle’s waterfront.
The last time Amy was in Seattle, I took her to the Space Needle. This time we went to the waterfront and took some pictures. We ate dinner at the Crab Pot and just walked around. Afterwards, we went to the Seattle Center where they had their Annual Winterfest. As we were walking around the Seattle Center, we went into the food court where the Bellevue Symphony was practicing for their performance the following night. We love music so we just sat their for a while listening to Christmas music. My choir should be happy because I picked up a few moves from the conductor.

We had dinner at The Crab Pot in Seattle’s waterfront.

We listened to the Bellevue Symphony practice.

The next few days were spent finishing up our shopping. On Sunday, we went to church and attended Andrea and Abi’s piano recital in the afternoon. If I could play half as good as my sisters, I would be happy. They are so talented! On top of playing the piano, Andrea also plays the flute, is on the volleyball team, and is a straight “A” student. Abigail plays the piano, is a gymnast (placing 6th this year in state competition) and is also a straight “A” student. I am beginning to wonder if I am adopted.

Andrea and Abi at their piano recital.
Then on Christmas eve, we went to Snoqualmie falls. Snoqualmie falls is a 270 feet waterfall, 100 feet higher than Niagara falls. As if things were not wet enough, the mist rose up to the observation deck and we got a little wet. It was a beautiful sight and another testament to God’s wonderful creation. 

Snoqualmie Falls

Amy, Abi, and Andrea at the park entrance.

We have taken so many pictures on this vacation. I will post them on our picture gallery so you can look at them there. Just give me a few days. Have a great day. Next post- Christmas day!

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