As we turned our attention to this week, Amy and I stared down another busy weekend of ministry. I suppose we take to heart the saying, “Work hard, play hard!” As we approached another weekend, many different events would help send us into a much-needed Christmas vacation. It began with Amy’s Christmas party for her kindergarten class. They had a shepherd’s lunch, played shepherds’ games, and had a visit from a guest “angel.” That was on Thursday. One activity down, a few more to go.

Six years ago, Pastor Leversee approached me about starting a couples’ class in our church. The median age of Gilbert, Arizona is 30 and the town has a very family-oriented feel to it. Many move from all parts of the country to raise their children in our town. So on the first Sunday of November, 2001 we established the Homebuilders Class (I know, what a unique name!). Since then, our class has grown spiritually and numerically. God has blessed by strengthening marriages and homes through biblical teaching that is both appropriate and practical. Last Friday evening was our annual Christmas party. It has been said that anytime Homebuilders are together, it is always a party! We had so much fun together. Many secrets have been revealed which brought tears to our eyes- because we were laughing so much! The two games that were a hit- Christmas Tree Wrap and My Little Secret. Below are pictures of what creative and sugared-up adults can do.

On Sunday evening, our school presented a program called “Away From The Manger.” It was good on so many different levels. Our students did great! Children have a way of performing differently from the way they practice. The church was packed and everyone loved it! But the greater blessing for me personally was to watch our whole faculty work together in pulling this program together. Every teacher had a part and it brought joy to my heart to see such teamwork demonstrated. This was the first project they have worked on together this year and I had absolutely no hand in it. I did not see the program until the night of the performance. I am blessed to have such a wonderful and godly group of teachers. They deserve the three-week break!

After the program, we were officially on vacation! Next stop, Snoqualmie, Washington- where we will be praying for a white Christmas!


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