Since the calendar month changed to December, the pace of life picked up quite a bit in the Zarate household. From appreciation dinners to Christmas parties, school programs and Christmas musicals, there has hardly been any time to be in trouble- and that’s a good thing!

Often people will make comments about how busy we are and how we need a break (which comes next week). Sometimes they would feel “sorry” for us because we barely have time to recover from one project to the next. But when you consider the opportunities produced by these “activities,” the fatigue and stress quickly melt away for the rewards are manifold. Christian workers are encouraged, students are cared for, souls are saved, and most of all, God is glorified!

December started with Amy’s Nursery Teachers’ Christmas Meeting. In four nurseries, Amy has a team of eleven teachers. They all do so much to help her provide a atmosphere of biblical learning for children ages 0-3. Amy always hosts an afternoon tea for them and they absolutely love it. The highlight of this meeting- peppermint hot chocolate. Need I say more?

The following weekend was to be even busier. It started on Friday evening when I had all of our school teachers and their spouses over for a Christmas dinner. Because Amy was teaching this year, I wanted her to be surprised along with the other teachers. So I decorated the tables, cooked and served the dinner. With all the ministries my Pastor has entrusted me with, it is great to have a team of teachers that lighten my load. I am also appreciative of their spouses because we all know that teaching is not a 40-hour-a-week ministry.

After that, it was time to focus our attention to the Christmas musical. Amy was directing the cast while I directed the music. After many months of practice with a team of incredible people, we had our first performance on a Saturday evening. We had a good crowd but more importantly, four people accepted Christ as their Saviour. The next night, Sunday, the church was packed! The choir, cast, and crew once agained ministered with great energy and enthusiasm. God used them to see four more people saved! It was by far, the best Christmas musical we’ve ever done. If you have any influence on choosing a Christmas cantata, I would highly recommend this one. The title: The Lamb of Bethlehem, from Bible Truth Music. The script was by Cary Schmidt, an associate pastor at the Lancaster Baptist Church and the music was by Glen and Jan Christianson. The common comment I received after each performance was “thought-provoking.”

Bottom line is this, our lives are lived at a very hectic pace but God has always given us grace for this pace! We are thankful to be busy serving the Lord. Our prayer is that the Lord would allow our lives to be a burning light for Him. John Wesley once said this, “When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and watch and see you burn.” Our prayer is that as people watch as “burn,” people would see that the fire is only made possible by our God who loves us and gave Himself for us.



  1. Hi, Amy. Thanks for the Christmas card! I lost your address so am unable to send you one but wanted to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a safe and blessed New Year in 2008!

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