This is my Dad with his “serious work” face on.

My Dad and I would be the first ones to tell you that our relationship has not always been the best. I certainly put enough grief and sorrow in my Dad’s heart to last him for a lifetime. I do not find it necessary to go into the details for fear of giving glory to Satan and my flesh.

Times have changed! Our relationship is neither strained or troubled. And we owe it all to our Saviour, who has allowed us to see each other through his eyes. I love my Dad and I would do anything for him! He has been such a great example of what a Christian man ought to be. I find myself beginning to act a lot like him lately, and when I don’t see it my wife is sure to point it out. But outside of his example as a Christian man, I love the example he has set for me as a husband and a father. The way he cares for my mom and his children is unbelievable! Little things that people don’t notice have made a big difference in my life. His servant’s heart is not only practice at church, but is also practiced at home. That is something that he has shown me that has made me, I pray, a better man. He has also taught me to work hard, sometimes too hard! Ever since I can remember, my Dad was always appreciated by his co-workers because of his work ethic. I can remember being told, “If you will work as hard as your Dad, you will be a success.” What a testimony!

I haven’t been with my Dad for Father’s Day since 1995. God has just chosen for this to be the case and we both accept that. But every year, my love for my Dad grows. And I am so thankful that God has blessed me with my Dad. Someday, when I am a Dad, I pray that I could be even just half that Father that he was to me. With that in my, I dedicate this next poem to him…

The Blessings of Fatherhood

As I contemplate my life,
It is easy to see
That all has not always been right
Between Daddy and me.

We’ve fought one another
A time or two.
Sometimes not even remembering
Who hurt whom.

But through the years that passed
We were introduced to Christ.
Our relationship prospered and grew-
Restoration was its prize.

Now when we talk to each other
About the things of life,
No tension is brought about-
There is no more strife!

For now our life revolves
Around the One whom we love,
To honor and serve Him
Who came down from above.

As co-laborers in Christ
Dad and I move ahead
To give our all to Him
Until we’re raptured or dead.

On this Father’s Day
I want to say “thank you”
To God in Heaven
For being so true.

And for giving me a Dad
Who loves me so dear
No matter where I am
May it be far or near.

I love you, Daddy,
For all you’ve done.
Someday you’ll see
The victory you’ve won.

For my ministry is possible
Because of your provision
So any rewards you’ll share
Is just like getting commission!

So hold your head high
And give God the praise
For the blessings of Fatherhood
There can be no better place!

See what growing up in a third-world country does to you?


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