Ever since Amy and I moved to Desert Gateway Baptist Church, we have been spoiled. For almost seven years, we have been immensely blessed of the Lord through the people of our church. It does not take long to figure out that we are big sports fans. I can’t think of a better place to come if you love sports than Arizona! We have every professional sport represented in our valley, even Lacrosse!

So anyhow, since we have been here, we have had the privilege of seeing these professional teams in action many times. In seven years, Amy and I have only paid once for tickets. We have always been given tickets for free and often times we watch the games from the suites. And last Saturday night, we were spoiled, yet again.

We watched the Arizona Diamondbacks play the Boston Red Sox. The two teams are doing really well and the game was witnessed by almost fifty thousand people. We were given two tickets to the suite (with a full buffet) by a family in our church. We had a blast!

The D-Backs lost, unfortunately, but it wasn’t without the effort of their fans. The “rally cap” was put on and we almost had those Red Sox. But we were a few at-bats too late. Score one for the north!

Well, here are some pictures of us at the game. I would like to give a special thanks to our new website photographer, Amanda May. She did a good job- for free!

Amy and I with our “rally caps” on.

When an assistant pastor and his wife do this, you know we’re in trouble.

This is the right way to wear your baseball cap.

Our official website photographer, Amanda, on the right, with her sister Kassie.

The prettiest spectator of them all!


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