We have come to the point of no return,
It’s time to take the next twist and turn.
As you meander through life’s golden stream
May you follow God, this is my dream!

Temptation will present itself in various ways,
But look upon the trail Christ desires you to blaze.
For in this you will find happiness and joy
From serving and loving God, never be coy.

My heart’s prayer for your life is this
That loving God would not be remiss.
But a faithful way your life might be
For God, your family, and church to see.

Then someday, we’ll sit and reminisce
About the time we spent together– what a bliss!
The yard sales, fundraisers, dinners and such,
Nighttime beach visits, it was way too much.

As we think back may you still be in God’s will
For only then will you experience the thrill
Of knowing the true blessings of the Lord,
By then you’ll also see some rewards.

The halls of GBA will not be as loud
Because you as a class no longer will crowd
The property upon which you’ve seen such growth.
Love the Lord, let this be your oath.

And though you no longer are here,
Know that to us you are always dear.
You will always be prayed for by us.
If you’re in need, you know Who to trust.

My final word for you, whom I love,
Always trust our Heavenly Father above.
He will lead, feed, provide, and guide,
He’ll bless and keep you; in Him you can hide.

As you write your life’s next stage
Follow the Lord, at every age.
If we don’t see you again on this world below,
I’ll see you in glory– and I away you go!

~ Dedicated to the GBA 2007 Senior Class

by Juan Zarate on May 20th, 2007

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