I can’t believe that that it was seven years ago when God called Amy and I to serve at Desert Gateway Baptist Church. It has been quite a journey since. One of the ministries we have invested much of our time in is the school, Gateway Baptist Academy. For this reason, what took place last Sunday evening was very special.

We are so thankful that God has allowed us to see so many blessings within this ministry. Most of the students that have graduated from our school have continued on to Bible college and are at the very least, actively serving in ministry today. This past Sunday evening was a historical night at GBA.

We had the privilege of graduating the largest class in our school’s history as six seniors walked across the platform to receive their high school diplomas. We have known this day was coming and yet that did not make it any easier. My feelings on the graduation were mixed. As you know, Amy and I have spent a lot of time with this class. God really knit our hearts with theirs. I had even planned to sing a song for them but after giving it some thought and talking to Amy about it, we both knew I would never make it through the song. So I just made them a video instead.

The Justified Quartet from West Coast Baptist College came and provided the music for the evening and the principal of Lancaster Baptist School, Dr. Manuel Salazar, came to preach a challenge to the graduates to be “World-changers for Jesus!” At the end of the service, as Pastor and I presented them with their diplomas, I felt a lump in my throat each time they came to shake my hand. My heart was thrilled to know that they are moving on to greater things for God. In my heart, I whispered, “Lord, thank you for allowing me to have a small part in their lives.”

In the next post, I will share with you the poem I wrote for these seniors. Amy and I gave it to them as a part of their graduation gift. I love these young people greatly and am extremely proud of what God has done in their lives. Enjoy some of the pictures of the blessed evening…

The Justified Quartet

The seniors and I strinking an “Alex” pose.

Here they are, looking so grown up!


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