Part of camping at the Roosevelt Lake is the opportunity to go fishing. Amy and I had reserved a fishing boat and we were going to catch us some fish! So after a hearty breakfast, we headed to the marina to pick up our boat.

As we got on the water, it was obvious that the wind was going to be a factor in today’s events. This was when I thought I should have gotten the boat with more horsepower but Amy, the southern belle said we should just stick with the smallest engine. She would soon regret that decision.

The lake was absolutely beautiful! With a 360 degree view of the mountains surrounding us, this was definitely one of the most picturesque places we have been to. We fished in coves, under the bridge, by the dam, and everywhere in between. The bass were jumping out of the water everywhere! They just failed to jump into our boats.

The events of the trip included Amy “Not So Graceful” Zarate almost falling out of the boat. And of course, it was in her genes to laugh as she fell (thanks to my mother-in-law for her wonderful example in this matter). From that point on, she kept her behind on the boat!

As we were in one of the coves we saw a Diamondback rattlesnake on the rocks. We were just fishing along, keeping a safe distance from that particular location. Did I mention the wind? Well the wind hit the water which created waves which drifted us closer to the snake. Do you know how terrified I am of snakes? Amy once had a pet snake and she had to make a choice- I think you know who she chose. But this was not a snake even Amy would like to have. I was looking in the other direction fishing away when Amy calmly said, ” We’re getting closer to the snake.” I tried to, as calm as I can, start the engine and back away from the snake. I guess I was more freaked out than I thought because instead of putting the boat in reverse, I gunned it forward instead, running into the rocks where the snake was. Let me just say if the snake came into the boat, I would have given the order to abandon ship! Praise the Lord the snake decided to crawl in between the rocks and leave us alone. It turned out this snake was just like the baseball team it was named after- harmless. After a glare from my first mate, I put the boat in reverse and stayed away from any more coves.

Did I mention the wind already? Well, Amy was wearing her visor when a gust of wind blew it off her pretty little head. I circled the boat around to pick up her visor. As if the experience did not happen, she proceeded to reach over to pick up her hat on the water. May I remind you that we are in a small fishing boat? These were not built for stability. Needless to say, after making her sit down to avoid another scare, I grabbed my fishing pole and caught her visor. At least I can say I caught something on this memorable day.

These were just a few happenings that transpired that day. Wait until you hear what took place later on in the evening. That will be on the next post! For the meanwhile, enjoy these pictures…

After her graceful fall, Amy was ordered to wear a lifejacket.

Is this a fisherman’s breakfast?

This is the Marina where we rented the boat.

Captain Graceful looking for fish!

The Roosevelt Bridge and Dam.
This was me: pre-snake and under control.

Before the fall, Amy was fishing while standing.

This is Amy after the fall- sitting while fishing.


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