In the English language we have words called homonyms. This simply means a word spelled exactly the same can have more than one meaning. I open with this sentence to appropriately introduce the first ever Zarate family camping trip.

We went on this camping trip (meaning a journey or voyage), had a few trips (to stumble or take a misstep), which turned out to be a trip (a stimulating or exciting experience). Does that make sense?

We camped at the once-largest man made lake in the U.S., Roosevelt Lake. Our campsite was located on a ridge overlooking the beautiful lake. The beauty was overshadowed, however, by the 30-40 mph wind gusts. Have you ever tried to set up a tent when it is that windy? By the way, we are in Arizona’s high desert- which means we did not have the tall pines to help us block the wind. Words and pictures are not enough to tell the story- you simply had to be there! I’m sure the angels in Heaven were laughing, maybe they took a video of it!

After about an hour we got our tent up, and may I add better than I did a few weeks ago at a different camping trip. Amy got inside the tent and started to make it look like home, organizing this and that. You go Suzy Homemaker! She had this incessant desire to make sure that no insects got in our tent, quickly zipping it up when coming in and out. Why do I mention this? Because later on in the evening she found a baby cricket in our tent. My thought was, “Kill it!” You would think her thoughts would be along the same line- no way! She decided to take the “cute cricket” instead of killing it. I simply asked her, in lieu of her obsessive behavior regarding the entry/exit procedures in the tent, “Do you want to nurture it?” Praise the Lord she simply chose to set it free!

The campsite had showers and flushing toilets. After having a hamburger dinner, we went to take our showers before retiring for the evening. Have you ever showered in a place where the lights run on badly placed motion-sensors? Enough said.

Needless to say the first day of our camping “trip” was full of fond (and funny) memories. Next post, the fishing trip…

Bigger tent, better results this time around!

Man must start fire! Amy “Suzy Homemaker” Zarate getting the tent ready.

This is not a Red Robin burger; this is Juan’s camping burger.

Amy chillin‘ at the campsite.

After dinner, we walk down to the shoreline to try some fishing.

Amy got the hook in the water without hooking anyone’s ear.

Amy trying to catch us some dinner.
Did he catch anything? You decide.



  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time – and WOW what a beautiful camp site (I’m sure the inside of the tent looked lovely when Suzy Homeaker got through). Juan, I think Uncle Jody would be proud – you looked like a true fisherman. And my guess is “Yes, you caught a fish”. Thanks again for sharing you lives on the blog, so we can keep up with you two. Love ya, Cindy & Nick

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