As the cliche’ goes, “All good things must come to an end.” Unfortunately, the senior trip had to end. We all had such a great time and lifetime memories have been made. I will definitely miss this bunch! They love to have fun but yet know their boundaries. It is a balance that teenagers strive for but often miss. They are not perfect- nobody is- but yet they have recognized our authority and allowed that to protect them and provide for them a great experience.

My prayer for this group is that they will continue to follow God. What we have given them in training and example pales in comparison to what God can do with, in, and through them. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to have a part in their lives. To show how we felt abou the whole trip ending, we thought it best to let pictures describe our feelings…

I can’t wait to get to my own bed- away from these smelly boys!

I am sure you are wondering if this picture comes with sound.

Jen’s thoughts, “I am so tired of being in this car!”

This is the Filipino sad face!

It’s the end of the road- no more driving, yes!

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