This has got to be a new record for me, which will be broken by some our seniors in just a few days. But I have found myself in Lancaster twice in one month. That may be okay if you live a few hours away- but seven hours is not a few. Nonetheless, this is were the last leg of our senior trip brings us. To wrap up the whole journey, we needed something spiritual to cleanse all the silliness we have been experiencing the past few days.

We pulled into Lancaster at about 4:30 p.m. The seniors stayed at the college dormitories while I whisked my wife away to the Oxford Inn. After getting them settled in their dorm rooms, we went out for dinner at Chili’s- which has become the official restaurant of the GBA Senior Class of ’07! This guys love this restaurant. They have been begging to go since the beginning of the trip and they finally got their wish! After we had dinner, we went to Mulligan’s Family Fun Center where we played lazer tag and race go-karts. There are only two unlicensed, inexperienced drivers in this class and one of them tried to kill me! If you are trying to figure out who it is, go back a few posts and you will notice that “she has issues!”

We had a fun time sitting in classes the next day. We’re almost done with the trip, and yet there’s more to come. Stay tuned…

Road rage!

What punching form!

If only these bikes were real…


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