Fine Arts Competition for our students (and some faculty) started on Wednesday morning at 6:45 a.m. Loading up two Ford Expeditions with twelve students, three adults, and all our luggage was a challenge- but we got it done! We got to Lancaster, California and our students did a fabulous job maintaining a good testimony and doing their best in competition. From my understanding there were 24 schools participating, registering over 1700 students from all over the west coast. Our students took 12 different awards throughout the whole competition.

I know that many Christians want to look at young people and say that they are trouble and difficult to work with. But may I remind you that you probably were no picnic when you were a teenager! Anyhow, I say all that for this reason- young people will only rise as high as what your expectations for them may be. If you believe that they cannot make a difference, why should they even try? I truly believe that it would do every Christian critic of young people a lot of good to attend these Fine Arts Competitions. Why? Because after listening to a few hundred young men and women preach and teach the Word of God, you would have to agree that Christianity does not look to bleak at all. Besides, if these young people purpose in their heart to walk with God, who’s going to stop them?

Praise the Lord for Lancaster Baptist Church & School and West Coast Baptist College for hosting the West Coast Baptist Fine Arts Competition!

They may look sweet… until you ride in a car with them for 7 hours!

This is Amy with the Doublemint Twins- Christie & Ali.




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