From left to right: Amy, Karen, Me, Auntie Sol & Uncle Kaname

Last week, Amy and I had an unexpected surprise when my Auntie Sol (my Dad’s sister) and Uncle Kaname came into town. They had just gotten in their vehicle and decided to just “drive.” I am so thankful they came by and saw us. They pulled into town Friday evening and we had dinner at Red Robin. We had a great time together. We talked about family, life in the Philippines, relatives, cars, and so much more. Amy even got offered a Volkwagen Bug if she would just pick it up at their home… don’t encourage her! Anyhow, I am glad that they made their way through Arizona. If you would remember, pray for my Auntie Sol, her health is not well and I appreciate her making it out to see us if but for a few hours. Enjoy some of the pictures!

Why are we so happy? Amy and I are sharing a burger for the first time in months- at Red Robin!


  1. LOve that color on yu amy. You guys look so good. Juan I love to read your bloggs; Your so good at it. so keep it up. You make it so interesting. Miss you all terribly. Love mom

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