This has been a busy, but rewarding week! I logged in very little office time this week (which is not always a good thing) because of other ministry duties. And Amy, I am sure she felt like she was working full-time all over again simply because of the schedule I have given her these past few weeks. The end is in sight, a distant sight! But Amy and I live for these moments. It makes waiting for the Lord’s return a lot easier when you’re busy serving Him.

Well, our week began delivering Valengrams. What’s a Valengram? It was our school seniors’ fundraiser for their senior trip. We delivered long-stem roses, a box of chocolates, a personalized Valentine’s card, and a serenade to every recepient. Nothing says “fundraiser” like teenagers singing and on their knees. They did a fantastic job! We delivered Valengrams all the way until Valentine’s Day.

And then there’s Valentine’s Day. Because of the hectic schedule, my wife and I did not get to be together until after church. When we left the property, I turned off my phone and we went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Valle Luna. I think I am still feeling the effects of the Pork Fundido today!

Yet, the week is not over but we rejoice in the fact that we are able to spend our lives for the Lord. It is amazing to me that Chrsitians would pray for the Lord to “use them” but when the word “use” does not fit their terms, they back away from the duties God places before them. If you ask God to use you, He will! Don’t complain and murmur when times get tough. Don’t blame God or others for being busy. Just like in all of life- make it work! The Bible tells us that God will not tempt us above that which we are able. Instead of complaining, compliment God for the opportunity to serve Him busily. And may I leave you with one last thought, because you do more for the Lord, more lives will be impacted for Him. What does this mean? You won’t have to wait until you get to Heaven to see the fruits of your labor. And that among other things, my friend, will make serving God worthwhile.

This is Mrs. High, who was surprised by her husband and moved to tears.

We took a break for a photo op. A week with this bunch, pray for us!

Our final stop was a Valengram to one of our single guys in church from a “secret admirer.”


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