One of the more rewarding aspects of our ministry is being able to spend time with people. This past week, my wife and I had our school seniors over. Whenever we all get together, someone inevitably says or does something that we will never forget! That information, however, will not divulged on this post to protect the identity of the person involved.

Leanne and Jen writing down where we’re going for senior trip.

This is Kyle in between chip and Johannah pointing at the camera.

Anyhow, four of the six seniors came over to plan our upcoming senior trip. We missed Christina and Alex, but we still planned things that they wanted to do. While planning the trip, Kyle inhaled our Tostitos supply at home. Note: Bring plenty of chips and salsa on this trip for Kyle!

After we got done, we had some pizza and played with the Valentine’s Day gift I got my wife, the Nintendo Wii! That was entertaining. Memories were truly made in a few hours on a Thursday afternoon.

A boxing match between Johannah & Kyle. I wonder who’s going to win?

Amy stay out of this boxing match between Jen and Leanne. See how intense they are?

In just a few short months, these students will graduate. Some will move away and some will stay. In does my heart good to know that they have received the Biblical teaching necessary to help them make wise decisions in the future. Some people say, “They’re just teenagers. They can’t do anything!” I beg to differ because teenagers who are faithful to the Lord will do greater things for God than most adults have done in their lifetime. And I am honored to be placed by the Lord in this place to have the chance to get to know these wonderful group.

2 thoughts on “SENIOR TRIP PLANNING…

  1. Amy, I have just one question – “Couldn’t you have picked out something other than the Nintendo Wii for Valentine’s day? Just kidding. Looks like your seniors had lots of fun. Juan, keep updating your Zarate News – Love you both, Cindy Norred

  2. I look forward reading your bloggs. It makes me feel like apart of you guys. I know those seniors are going to have a blast with you guys. We love you both and we are so proud of you two. mom

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