Preparations for Christmas began for Amy and I the day after Thanksgiving. At approximately 5:30 in the morning, I was assigned (by my wife) to stand in line outside of Linen ‘N Things to purchase our new 7.5 foot pre-lit Christmas tree for a $99! And since we were already up, we decided to go ahead and purchase everyone’s Christmas presents that morning.

Finishing at approximately 3 p.m., we came home to decorate our house for Christmas. We only decorated inside our home this year. The brand new tree went up together with Amy’s thematic decorations around our house. The following day and every weekend thereafter, we had people over for Christmas. It was a blast!

To cap it all off, my family was able to come from Washington to spend Christmas with us. We had such a great time! I am so thankful that they were able to come.

With the Christmas season behind us and our schedule almost back to normal, expect more frequent updates on Zarate News, “The Boring Lives of Juan & Amy!”

“This was us on Christmas morning.”

“Andrea, the typical teenager, always on the phone.”

“Mom, the last-minute gift wrapper!”

“The Zarate ladies preparing for Christmas eve dinner.”

“Amy and I multi-tasking: posing for a photo and wishing her family “Merry Christmas” on the cell phone.”

“Add us as gifts under the tree!”

“Attempting to dress Dad up through Christmas gift-giving!”

“Amy finally got her pepper mill!”

“Who could have thought that glazing ham could be so much fun?”


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