As I write this post, it is a beautiful 72 degrees outside. The sun, for now, serves as a delightful ornament in the sky rather than a punisher of those who seek to go outdoors. This is the reason we live in Arizona. For the next nine months or so, we will experience absolute perfect weather. People from cold-weather climates need not worry about parkas, ice, and shoveling snow. People from tropical climates do not battle with the humidity and warmer temperatures.

You can tell how nice the weather is by how many people you see outside. Children are playing on the streets until it gets dark. Adults work on their yards at all times during the day. The parks are full. It seems as if the nice weather has brought people out of their air conditioned homes. Amy and I even felt inspired to clean our garage! Pictures will be posted later.

As you think of how people’s actions are often dictated by what the weather will be like, I noticed a similarity in the Christian life. It is amazing how Christians praise the Lord when everything is on the up and up. But allow some trials to come their way and praising God becomes foreign to them. It is interesting that Christians love serving God so long as He blesses, but if He stops the comment is, “well, maybe it just was not God’s will for me to serve Him.” Here’s my favorite one- “it’s too hot out there (or whereever you are, it may be raining, snowing, or sleeting), I’m sure god understands if I don’t go soul winning.” The other night, someone at a high school football game here in Arizona got struck by lightning. It was raining, the wind was blowing, and the game kept going. Why is it any different when we encounter some difficulties in our lives? We will go to work with a headache, but we will stay home from church with the same headache. We will limp to a special event, but perish the thought that someone would be asked to go on visitation with a crutch. It’s ridiculous!

The Bible says that we are to “preach the Word. Be instant in season and out of season…” It is high time that we as Christians stop whining about why we cannot surrender our lives to God. It is time we fix our eyes on Christ rather than our circumstances. We must work for the night is coming!And when we do, I wonder, how many more people would come to the saving knowledge of Christ? Think about it…

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