I can’t believe that it’s already the Thursday of our Outreach Conference. Today was a full day in regards to opportunities to fellowship with our missionaries. And that is always a blessing to do. I believe that if more Christians would spend time with missionaries, it would help us increase our burden for worldwide missions.

At noon, our ladies had the opportunity to have a luncheon with two of the missionay wives we have with us- Karen Craft, missionary to the military in Germany and Andrea Weaver, missionary to El Salvador. Both ladies challenged our ladies with devotional messages.

Amy and I had dinner with Brother Dunlap, missionary to Mozambique, Africa. We had a great time fellowshipping with him, asking him about his family, his call, and the field he is going to. It is amazing to see how God has lead our paths to cross with these missionaries who are going to countries we have no missionaries to support yet. To this date, our church supports missionaries to countries like Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Fiji, and so much more.

During the service, a men’s ensemble kicked off the service with the southern Gospel song Jesus Saves! The GBA choir also sang the song Carry Your Candle. The choir sang That All The World May Know right before the message. Brother Dunlap preached the message for the evening. The Lord really touched my heart with the message because his whole point was that our hearts need to be right with the Lord in order for missions and soul winning to work. Oftentimes, the focus on missions and soul winning conference is the going, the reaching, the giving. And that’s all fine but I believe the Lord will not use a dirty vessel. God wants to use vessels of honor and the reason missions does not work the way it is supposed to today is because hearts are not in tune with the Lord anymore. Our focus need not be on the work until our hearts are right with God.

Would to God Christians will live in obedience to God! I wonder how much of the world we could reach if our hearts were pure before the Lord.

“A sinner may go to Hell unsaved,
But He will never go to Hell unloved.”
~ Dr. Curtis Hutson

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