Tonight’s theme for our Outreach Conference was “Loving the Lost.” The choir sang Each One, Reach One as well as The Value of One. A mixed trio sang I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel. We had a near-to-capacity attendance and the spirit certainly worked in hearts as the altars were full during the invitation.

Brother Mike Lester of West Coast Baptist College preached in the service tonight. He showed us from the book of Mark how Jesus loved everyone- from the people, to the Pharisees, to the parents and children, even the rich young ruler. The main focus of the message could be summed up in one phrase, which I will attribute to Brother Lester, “You cannot love the lost effectively (that’s what Amy says; I think it was “completely”) until you love the Lord supremely!” And isn’t that the truth? We struggle to love people in our own power and if you are honest with yourself- you know you’ve failed! The fact is this, some people are simply unloveable to us. But no person is unloveable to God. For God so LOVED the world… If we truly love God, we will see people the way He does. Then we will be more fervent and less selfish about sharing the Way, the Truth, and the Life. If you would like to hear tonight message, click on www.desertgatewaybaptist.org.

After the service, we went to Cracker Barrel and spent a few hours in food and fellowship together with Rick Bishop, one of the faithful members of Lancaster Baptist Church. My stomach is still hurting from all the laughing we did! As Brother Lester would say, “Stay in the pea patch!”

Tonight was a night God truly blessed. My personal prayer was that God would enable me to love Him more. There are so many times, whether consciously or subconsciously, I put someone or something else before God. By His grace, I pray that will not be the case from here on out. And through this decision, may Amy and I be more determined to win the lost at any cost.

“Whereever there is a lost soul, there is a mission field.”

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