Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s reported record profits for their stores in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and Queen Creek locations in the span of two days, September 14-15. What was the cause of this financial phenomena? What made the sales of their products go through the roof?

The report concluded that the reason for the “boom” in this industry could be traced to a particular event- Desert Gateway Baptist Church’s Fourth Annual Ladies’ Retreat! Husbands and fathers were left alone at home with their children. With no apparent cooking skills (save microwaveable corndogs and popcorn), ordering pizza was the best option. I too, had pizza while my wife was gone. If anything, this retreat makes us husbands appreciate our wives more.

From all the comments from the ladies (and there were a lot), it seemed that the retreat was enjoyed by all. Pictures are posted below for your viewing pleasure but time and space do not permit me the oppotuntiy to share with you all the great things God did. So enjoy and stay tune for more pictures in future posts…

This is Amy with Mrs. May trying to look Chinese. Yao!

This is Elizabeth in her self-defense posture. Scary!

If only Bob can see you now!

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