This should be the last post regarding Isaac for a while as I have exhausted all the pictures we have taken of our nephew. Give us a few weeks as we go back to Alabama for a wedding- we’ll get more pictures of all our nephews.

The last day was spent shopping for Isaac’s birthday presents at the Arizona Mills Mall, some of which he is wearing in this picture. We bought him some outfits as well as a pair of Nike shoes.

We had such a great time with Mom and Isaac. Amy and I can’t believe how much he has grown. Which made us wonder how much Trevor and Brayden have grown as well. Our nephews are so precious to us and we immensely enjoy every moment we are able to spend with them.

Most of our time, in regards to our nephews, is often spent reminiscing and praying for God’s perfect will for their lives. Trevor is at the age where he can now understand the Gospel. We pray daily that we will get that phone call that he has accepted Christ. We pray that Isaac and Brayden will learn at an early age about the love of God and decide to accept Christ as their Saviour. And when that happens, we will, with all of Heaven rejoice over these three little sinners when they repent!

“Can I stay with Aunt Amy a few more days?”

“Uncle Juan, please don’t let me go!”



  1. I am so thankful that these boys have an aunt & uncle that loves and prays for them. Thank you two for a wonderful time. I love you both so much. Mom

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