I can remember it like it was yesterday. My wife and I were getting ready for work when the phone rang. It was our church secretary telling us to turn on the news. As we turned on the television, I remember my muscles tightening up as the images of commercial airliners crashing into the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers. A lump began to form in my throat and a sickening feeling filled my stomach.

My first emotion was anger! Who would commit such atrocities? As I continued to watch, some footages were close enough to show people literally falling off the side of buildings. Then, there was the news of the plane crashes at the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. Hundreds, yea thousands of people were dying– all in a matter of minutes. Then my emotion turned to sadness. People who died were someone else’s father, someone else’s mother, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles– children! Many, undoubtedly did not know Christ as their Saviour.

What happened in the next few weeks was unprecedented…

People seemed open to the Gospel and many Bible-believing Christians sprang into action. Organizing large groups to not only help in the work efforts, but to comfort mourning people with the Gospel of Christ. Many were saved and are active in churches today. But as it always happens in our country after a terrible tragedy– we move on! We forget. We vow not to, but we forget!

Five years later, where’s the burden? Where’s the passion to win the lost? People are still dying, albeit they are not dying in spectacular fashion, but they are still dying! I beg of you, allow this day to rekindle the fire that once burned hot to win the lost at any cost. We must win them while we can.


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