What a weekend! College football began with a win for our teams (Michigan Wolverines and Alabama Crimson Tide). With Labor Day, we have a three-day weekend. And we got to spend some time with one of our precious nephews, Isaac. Needless to say, it has been non-stop laughter in our home. They came in Thursday and first stop, Baja Fresh. There’s nothing like watching a little boy eat beans and rice. Friday was spent just lounging around the house. Later on in the evening, friends came over to spend time with Isaac. Saturday was just like what it used to be when Isaac and Jeni lived with us- football from sun up to sun down! Sunday was Isaac’s “How cute is he” day. Our church was thrilled to see how much Isaac has grown. Monday was the picnic, where Isaac played inside, outside, under tables, and with everyone. Then on Tuesday, we ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant and walked off our lunch at the Arizona Mills Mall where we shopped for Isaac’s birthday presents. It truly was a great weekend!

“Baby, you can drive my car!”

“I can eat what I want with whoever I want! I’m at Uncle Juan and Aunt Amy’s house!”

“Check it out, Pap! I’m eating at Baja Fresh!”


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