I don’t if this is such a great idea, but we have taught the recently retired Wanda Weathers to blog! Her recent post is being simultaneously prepared as I hurry to warn the world about the upcoming information overload from the woman with a lot of time on her hands. Her blog is called, “The Weathers Report.” Click on it now at

Please do not hold us too accountable for what will take place. We explained to her the power she now wields and cannot trust that she will necessary use it for good. My advice in closing, do not tell Mrs. Wanda Weathers any secret you do not want the entire internet world to know. Why? Because we know how good she is at keeping them secrets (right, Tim?)!


  1. hey guys!! the picture is so cute! Wish we were with you! Check out my blog page at weathersnews.comwe miss you. love you – brandi

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