After our Sedona vacation, Amy and I hit the ground running- hard! We found ourselves a few weeks aways from some of the major church events. School is literally around the corner, a C.E. clinic, a Nursery Caregivers’ Appreciation Banquet, Labor Day picnic, Ladies’ Retreat, and the highlight of our church calendar- the annual Outreach Conference. In between these events are school and church activities, a baby shower, and regular ministry duties. In may sound like a lot but Amy and I live for this! Sure we’re tired, but we are extremely happy! Knowing that each event and activity is an opportunity to touch yet another life makes it all worthwhile. Let me just put it this way- we don’t have problem falling asleep at night.

School is on the top of my plate right now. Last year, our school enrolled 40 students. This year we are opening school with 53 students! Last year we had 5 classrooms, this year we have 6! Last year we had four days of hot lunch served, this year we have all 5 days served with hot lunch. We had one whole high school department last year, this year we have two high school departments. Last year we had one senior graduate from our school, this year we are scheduled to graduate six. I could list so many ways God has already blessed us but time just would not permit it.

Please pray for us as we seek to develop in each student the mind of Christ. There’s too much Godless education going around today. What we need is a return to the Lord, His Word, and His Work! We need parents to determine that it is never right to allow others to teach their children a lie. It is ridiculous that parents would allow their children to be confused because their school authority says something different than their home authority. Then their home authority says something different than their church authority. No wonder children grow up with no hope of success at all! It is high time that parents dedicate themselves again to the Lord, become faithful and supportive of their church, and decide to invest in getting their children the right kind of education. Is it really worth spending our money on things that will burn someday? Spend, invest you money on your child’s education and the benefits will keep coming.


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