Our time away from home began after church on Sunday evening, July 9th. After locking up at church, my wife and I got in our car and started to drive towards California for Lancaster Baptist Church’s Spiritual Leadership Conference. Six and a half hours later (it was faster because of the tail wind) we arrived at our hotel.

The conference lasted until Thursday evening. The preaching was definitely challenging, convicting, and life-changing. The sessions were practical. If you would like to listen or watch any of the preaching sessions, you can click on the Lancaster Baptist Church link.

While at the conference, we had a great time getting to see some good friends. God has been so good to us! It is such a blessing to see friends who are serving the Lord wherever He has sent them. As someone once said, “Bloom where you are planted!” Time was spent reminiscing over shared memories as well as sharing blessings from current ministries and life in general.

It was also a joy to see a few of the teenagers we used to work with at Liberty Baptist Church. The verse that came to mind was this, “Take Mark, and bring him with thee: for he is profitable to me for the ministry.” Often, churches look at teenagers and wonder if they will ever amount up to anything. To those that have had horrible experiences with teenagers, may I encourage you to look at those teenagers that God has allowed you to impact and rejoice in their faithfulness and profitablity in the ministry. Teenagers are not the church of tomorrow- they are the church of today!

We were able to take a few pictures. Enjoy!

This is me with Josh Geherty, one of the “grown-up” teenagers from Liberty. He feels the Lord calling him to be an assistant pastor after graduating from Christian college. He has come a long way from the teenager that I used to play with video games with every week while my wife planned our wedding with his mother, Teresa Wiley.

Austin, Ashley, Preston, Kami, & Jenna Haynes serve at Shadow Mountain Baptist Church in Morgan Hill, California. Kyle Haynes (pictured with Amy above) is the senior pastor of the church. Amy used to babysit Ashley and we have had opportunities to spoil these children (except for Jenna) rotten a time or two.


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