After driving back from California, we headed north to Sedona, Arizona. As a Christian, I cannot help but be in awe of God’s magnificent creations! From rock formations to natural water slides, Sedona truly is a testimony to an omnipotent Creator!

We rented a one bedroom condominuim at a place called “The Ridge at Sedona Golf Resort.” The accomodations were excellent! The concierge helped us plan our activities for the week as well as directing us to the great restaurants of the area.

After unpacking our items, Amy and I got in our vehicle and started to drive around town. With our windows rolled down, we took in the gorgeous views of the Red Rocks. There are literally hundreds of hiking trails, each one offering it own unique breathtaking scenery of Sedona. After a couple of hours of simply driving around, taking pictures of beatiful views, we finally decided it was time to eat. Mexican was the appetite for the evening. Therefore, we had dinner at Javelina Cantina. If you ever find yourself in Sedona, this restaurant is a must!

After stuffing ourselves, we went back to the resort to play pool. Amy “the Pool Shark” Zarate went up against Juan “the Pool Shark’s Teacher” Zarate. We must have played a total of almost 100 games throughout the week. We had a blast!

On vacations, we try our very best to get in times of rest. So the mornings were mostly spent sleeping in. Whenever we got up, I cooked a quick brunch. Then we either went swimming or just lounged around the room.

On Thursday, we went to Slide Rock State Park. It was here the most of the comedy happened. Picture this, water that is ice cold situated within a beautiful canyon. Rock formations allow for a natural water slide in certain parts. The water was rushing so fast it literally pushes people under water. Got it? Now picture Amy and I going down this slide… yeah! It was like white-water rafting without the raft! It was so much fun. I laughed so hard I must have swallowed gallons of water.

On the way home on Saturday, we stopped at a bakery we have wanted to go to all week. But because we slept in, the bakery was already closed by the time we got up. We got some pastries and a breakfast croissant sandwich. It was absolutely delicious!

We got back home on Saturday afternoon feeling very rested. Sedona is definitely a place we will eventually go back to in the future.

“The Pool Shark”

“This is the end of the road.”


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