Our vacation officially began the day after the Spiritual Leadership Conference. We went with a group of delegates from the conference to the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Amy “the Bookworm” Zarate’s first comments about the experience was, “If this is a library, where are the books?” Regardless of the presence of books (or the lack thereof), we had a great time.

We had the opportunity to spend time with my former pastor, Mike Kinney, his wife Carol, and their daughter Charlotte. It was under Pastor Kinney’s ministry at Temple Baptist Church in Lacey, Washington that I got saved on October 4, 1992. We learned a lot about former president Ronald Reagan. Throughout the tour, I kept wondering what President Reagan would be doing if he were our current president battling against terrorism.

In the “library” we saw a copy of the Declaration of Independence, got to walk through Air Force One, Marine One, and so much more. There was a full size replica of the Oval Office. We also passed by the site where President Reagan’s body lay underground in a crypt.

Overall, it was a great experience. Amy and I would like to someday go back and spend a whole day in the “library.” It is definitely a “must go to place” for any person who is truly thankful for America.

The “Air Force Brat” with Air Force One.

Sorry, no habla German!

I’ve been called to the principal’s office- but not the Oval Office.


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