Every year our church puts on a major event that becomes a highlight in the calendar of our ladies. This event usually takes place the Saturday before Mothers’ Day.

The Annual Mothers’ Banquet was held at the Windermere Hotel in Mesa, Arizona. There were almost one hundred ladies in attendance. The theme was “Happily Ever After” so everyone had the opportunity to dress up for the occasion. The luncheon was filled with fellowship, games, funny and moving videos, and a delicious meal. Everyone had a great time!

Anna delivered the devotion, Amy and Amanda provided the games, several ladies (and one gentleman) performed the special music, and Brian put together the video presentation with the help of a few couples from our church.

Going back to the theme, “Happily Ever After,” I am afraid that there are far too many marriages that have forgotten the fairy tale feeling they once had. And because of this, marriages are under intense attack from Satan and his demons. God’s plan was never (and never will be) to dissolve any marriage. Christians must go back to God’s plan, laid out in God’s Word, and apply these Biblical principles in their lives and homes. In so doing, Christ can (and will) fulfill His promise to be the Foundation of our homes. As the Bible says, “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.” This banquet was a reminder to our ladies that we can have that “Happily Ever After” atmosphere in our homes. Amy and I are so blessed to be a part of a church that truly cares about our marriage!

Thank you for spending the last few moments with us. In our next post, we will share with you a life-changing event in the Zarate home. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with having a child (not yet, at least) but keep praying…

Enjoy some additional Mothers’ Banquet Photos…

Ladies’ Enjoying the Banquet

The Windermere Hotel Meeting Hall

“The teen girls enjoyed the banquet, too.”

“A definite yummy to the ladies’ tummy!”

“This is Amy preaching (just kidding)!”

The Masterminds of the Banquet, Brian & Anna


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