As I write about the recent adventures of our lives, I would like to apologize to all for the less than current information. In the next few paragraphs, you will begin to see why the updates have been slow.

Last month ended with our churches annual Men’s retreat. I am happy to report that I was neither shot or injured during any of the extracurricular activities. The Lord did a great work in the hearts of our men and I truly believe we saw a measure of revival in our midst. Evangelist John Goetsch preached in our services and if you have never heard him before, you are missing our on hearing one of God’s choice servants in our lifetime. If you would like to hear some of his messages, clicc on the Lancaster Baptist Church website and prepare to be blessed!

May started off with our church’s Canyon Lake Picnic. Our Youth Department served hotdogs, bratwursts, and chicken with chips, beans, potato salad, and homemade rootbeer. People were fishing, swimming, and rock diving. I, on the other hand, refrained from such activities and merely enjoyed the fellowship of God’s people.

Allow me to leave you with a couple of pictures from our picnic. Be sure to join us for the next episode when we post Amy’s new hair style as well as a very exciting event in the Zarate household. Thanks for stopping by…

“What a happy couple! (Our friends, Brian & Anna)”

“I don’t know why she’s laughing!”


One thought on “THE MONTH THAT WAS MAY…

  1. Juan, Just wanted you and Amy to know I love the blog. I check it each month to see what is new in your life. I can’t wait to see Amy’s new hair style!! Thanks for doing it and keeping us updated here in Roanoke, AL. Love you both, Cindy and Nick

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