We just finished a physically challenging week at Desert Gateway Baptist Church. And I am still recovering. This morning in our school staff meeting, I started praying for the food (I was tired)! Here’s how it went…

We spent the last week making some final preparations in our nursery department for Easter. Because of the population explosion in our church (for which I would like to thank the members of the Homebuilders Class, you make me proud) we needed to open a fourth nursery. And it looks wonderful! It is a joy to watch Amy work on the nursery. She does it with such passion, being always concerned about pleasing the Lord and making sure that the children who are in nursery are safe and well cared for. Some people may ask, “Why work so hard at a ministry that does not benefit you because you do not have a child?” Our answer, “Our children will grow up in this nursery and this is one of the many places they will learn about Jesus and His love for them.”

Easter Sunday came and the new nurseries were opened. We had a bumper crowd! The auditorium was full, Pastor delivered a powerful message, we had a young man baptized, we hit the goal of 50 in attendance in our junior church, and our Homebuilders class had a record day on a non-promotion Sunday.

Later on in the evening, we had our Easter musical. Our choir has been working hard on this project and I was so proud of how they did! I am the most blessed music director in the world. The choir sang their hearts out and people were moved by the presentation on “God’s Amazing Grace!”

A Christian comedian said it this way, “It was amazing grace that I made it through my childhood!” But you know, if we would take the time to reflect on God’s grace, we would not have much time to be depressed, discouraged, and despondent. I always tell our class that “Peace is not the absence of a storm, but rather the presence of a Saviour.” You see, because of God’s grace we can smile through sadness, persevere through pain, triumph over trials, be steadfast through storms, and sing through sighings! The next time you face adversities, meditate on His grace and I promise it will do more for you that any drug or psychotherapy treatment. How do I know, that’s all I thought about last week!

After the musical, I gave one of the shortest sermons I have ever preached (however, I do have a record short of approximately 6 minutes preached last March in our church and I have the CD to prove it). Needless to say, when the day ended I was ready to have a meeting with Pastor Pillow and Deacon Darkness and what a great meeting we had!

Monday was spent sleeping, eating, spending time with my wife, eating (again), getting my fishing gear ready for our men’s retreat, playing around, eating again, then going back to sleep!

That’s all for today, folks. Thank you for joining us for another episode of Zarate News, The Boring Lives of Juan & Amy. Join us next week as we write about how many balls I lost at the golf course, how many times I hooked myself while fishing, and how loud I snore according to the men of our church.

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