It was a whirlwind of a ride, but we made it! The last wedding to be sponsored by Felix & Wanda Weathers took place on the 25th of March at Center Chapel Baptist Church in Roanoke, Alabama (pending adoption, of course).

Carlos and Jeni were married and what a beautiful wedding it was! The decorations were exquisite, the food was delicious, and the memories will be unforgettable. My nephews were showstoppers- Trevor pulled a wagon in and participated in a prank towards the groom, Isaac smiled (for a while) and Brayden fell asleep in the wagon!

The reception was held at the Roanoke Country Club where I enjoyed Dawn Barber’s famous sausage balls (hence the extra ten pounds coming home). While there I held my nephew Isaac and later on played with my nephew Trevor until it was time to go. By the way, I want to apologize to Tim and Brandi for teaching your son to punch with a closed fist (we were just playing).

We ended the night at Gedney’s Restuarant were I enjoyed some good ‘ol southern fried catfish and hush puppies. I can tell you that it was a good day, but we were all ready for bed by the time it was over! Plus, it was good to have my wife back all to myself…

Anyhow, Carlos, welcome to the family! Just a few pointers- watch out for Uncle Thomas, when you hear the letters “IBS” go to another room, and tread carefully when Mom (Wanda Weathers, in case there are any doubts) when she uses the word “we,” she’s not French!

Here are some more pictures from the wedding. Enjoy!

Amy, Jeni, & Tim
Dad’s Thoughts: “It is finished, the battle is over!”
Tim’s Thoughts: “Wow, another photo op! They really love me!”
Wedding Singers or Funeral Mourners?

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